My Christmas Card Won't Go Viral

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After watching this family's video Christmas card, I've come to the dismal conclusion that a) I will never rock stripped legging pajamas that well, b) I had no idea video Christmas cards were all the rage, and c) my cards will never go viral because they are all still sitting in a pile next to my computer waiting for me to hunt down addresses and buy stamps.

I've also concluded I wouldn't be able to beat their daughter's time in a triathlon nor can I count to 100 in Chinese, work with Robert Downey, Jr. or do the worm.

I do, however, like superhero t-shirts.

Even if I don't own one.

I started to think how I'd rap out our year in review and came to a second dismal conclusion: I can't rap.

Yes, yes. I know. You were all aware of that, but in my head I can totally do it.

So I decided to write a poem which is sort of a rap but not really. And then, I decided to write haiku because I love 7-5-7. Then I started to write the haiku and ended up with:

Joseph had a year
Filled with school and vacations
And that's about all.

Elizabeth is
Too long a name to use when
Writing this haiku.

Which left me scratching my head and realizing I'm not nearly as clever as the "Christmas Jammies" family. And., honestly, we had an amazing year that I just can't seem to do justice. Instead, I'll leave you with what our actual Christmas card looks like. *Spoilers* It's the best picture I've ever had of me. It totally deserves to go viral. 


Alex@LateEnough [Reply]

No one has sent us a worse Christmas card photo than ours so I win, right? (I love this LEGOS one so much by the way!)


I'll send you one. With the box of goodies that has been sitting in a box in my living room under the side table since July. Because I'm THAT good at mailing.

Roxanne Piskel [Reply]

A perfect rendering!

Also, I do "New Year" cards and then rarely send them out before February. Because reasons and laziness.

Christine Enyart-Elfers

You are hilarious! you don't need a card! you are a blogger!
Happy Holidays!
We must get together after New Year's.

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