Looking for a Fun Stocking Stuffer?

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Just in time for Christmas....

So you know how I've been featured in two short anthologies and one literary anthology?

And you know how you're thinking to yourself, "Gee...I have no idea what to get Aunt Cathy for Christmas?" (Because you know we all have an Aunt Cathy.)

And you're wondering, "Wouldn't it be awesome to have a couple of wee books to put in my stocking from 'Santa'?"

Well, kids, look no further.

Bannerwing Books has notified me that the previously-only-ebook copies of Metaphysical Gravity and Echoes in Darkness are now available in paperback.

Echoes in DarknessMetaphysical Gravity

They are adorable and tiny and cute and buying them gives me royalties which then allows me to start a "Mandy Needs a Laptop Because Her PC is Giving Her The Blue Screen of Death" fund.

In addition to that, Precipice - in which yours truly has a short story - is also available in paperback. It's not so little and it's not so thin, but oh the stories it tells.

So...there you have it, kids.

Go forth and buy!


Roxanne Piskel [Reply]

I do have an Aunt Cathy. But she goes by Aunt Cat. I just had to say that.

Also. Yay books!

Roxanne Piskel [Reply]

Oh, and I just bought paperback copies of all these books. I'm in Precipice and didn't even realize I could have a PHYSICAL COPY of my first publication. :)

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