Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dating a Dork

I went on a date. A date!


But not to worry. I've been watching dating shows so that I could do this properly. The scene went  something like this:

"Hi there! I'm Mandy," I said as I stepped forward to shake his hand.

"What's with all the cameras?"

"Oh! That reminds me. I need you to sign this release waiver. I'm filming you for an upcoming segment called, Dating a Dork."

"Oookaaay," he said, signing.

"And then, if you could just initial here, here and here," I said pointing at the paper. "That's just to keep you from suing me in the case of accidental maiming or death."


"Great! So. Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, how are you?"

"I'm...are those cameras going to be here all night?"

"They sure are! Why don't you wave at all my nice friends who are watching this at home."

"It's live?!"

"It's live! Also, I'll be tweeting the whole thing."


Don't worry, kids. It didn't happen like that. It was actually an amazing first date. Flowers, fantastic food and a real gentleman who didn't seem to notice when I sat in the wrong chair, dropped my fork, dropped my napkin and nearly tripped walking in the door. He's pretty cool like that.

He also knew me well enough to text me when I got to the restaurant that I needed to come inside at some point.

Damn. Maybe he did notice my clumsiness, but was just too nice to say anything.

I'll have to check the footage.


Galit Breen said...

Eeek! Girlfriend, I'm EXCITED for you and can't wait to hear more!

Also? You're pure adorable! 


Klbubert said...

Ok do tell! Who was this date with? 

Klbubert said...

OH Yeah don't forget you are my summer reading while I am at work and you are at play.  So keep it juicy so my day just flies by. :)

Cheryl said...

Woohoo! How excited and good for you!!

Mama Wants This said...

Omigosh, yay!! Glad to hear it went well.

When's the second date??

Mandyfish said...

I love dating stories! I'm hooked.

And I love awkward people dating the best of all. I'm a complete disaster when I'm single. 

mandyland said...

On the plus side, I think we're going to be friends.

On the down side, I think we're going to be friends. :)

mandyland said...

A really nice guy who wants to be friends.

Mrs. Jen B said...

Regardless, friends or not, you went out there and did it! Good for you! :)

Taming Insanity said...

I'm so excited - someone else who trips in public!!

I mean, yay for your date! This is not about me and my clumsiness!

Kir said...

A Date???? A DATE!!!!!!! YEA.

that SUPER LUCKY guy!!! SO glad it went so well...hope he knows how special you are darlin. :)

Eden E said...

Been there, done that (well, done *those*, meaning klutziness AND dating again after divorce, with a kid... I mean, not with a kid *there on the date*... oh, you know what I mean, right?)

So glad it went so well for you!!! Kind of disappointed that the first part wasn't really true. Just kidding! But it was hilarious while it lasted! You are so funny!!!

Lindsay said...

It sounds like you had a great time and I'm so glad! He sounds like a great guy :)

naomidelatorre said...

Hahahahaaha! You are hilarious. And an incredible storyteller. I could read your stories all day long. I just love your pacing and humor and everything about it! AND by the way, if there's really any live footage, I wanna see it! PS Congrats on the date. You are all awesome.

Yuliya said...

2 weeks late...but wanted to say that's heelarious!